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  Active Directory Manager, Windows Active Directory
Recovery Data Tools Active Directory Manager is a complete tool to manage Windows Active Directory. The tool supports the Reporting & Bulk Management for the multiple domains in just one installation. Also the tool can be installed in Workgroup machine, remote domains in network can easily be managed from this Workgroup machine.
Most of the organizations manage their network resources just by defining extra active directory domains (multi-domains and parent-child). And Administrators require installing the active directory tools on each domain.Active Directory Managersupports to manage multiple domains (parent-child, the domains in dissimilar forest in the network) from centralized user interface.
Limitless domains can be managed making use of Active Directory Manager single installation. Also this tool can be installed on workgroup machine. From workgroup installation, numerous domains in a network can be managed. For further details concerning managing multiple secluded domains, please visit the website.
Recovery Data Tools Active Directory Manager provides three options for creating & other objects in the few simple clicks. Import CSV technique creates 1000s of users in single click. The entire domain users in domain 'A' can easily be exported to a CSV file with the required attributes (column headers) in single click from Reports interface. And the similar exported CSV file can quickly be imported in domain 'B'.
In some cases, the Administrators may need creating bulk users with the indexing (piduser1, piduser2, and so on). Auto indexed method offers the option for creatin thousands of indexed users.
Sometimes the Administrators may require creating the set of users from paper sources or e-mailing sources. Add the Individual Records method and it provides the option of adding the user records individually using properties box. This properties box can be tailored by the Administrators.
Recovery Data Tools Active Directory Manager provides the superior properties interface to set complex attributes like member of, manager, etc. for the bulk users. All the above options can be used together.
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