Active Directory Repair Service

  Active Directory Repair, protect Active Directory data
You can take help of Recovery Data Tools for Active Directory Repair when the directory services are disrupted due to problems with the hardware, software, human error or the network environment. To guard against the damage from such types of disruptions, ensure that you’re always prepared to restore the AD DS with a timely back-up of volumes & servers which are critical for the successful operation of your forest.
When Active Directory Repair from a backup is necessary, the most usual cause is either hardware failure or administrative error. The best protection against such problems is prevention. Be certain to take steps to protect Active Directory data from the accidental deletion. You can also manage the hardware replacement in timely fashion, before it causes failure loss of Active Directory data.
Disruptions to the directory services can be caused due to many conditions on the domain controller, in the domain or forest, & with service clients as well as applications which use ADDS. The following are the conditions which can disrupt the directory services:
  • Reordering / changes to drive the letters which cause the operating system and thedirectory service file along with logs being unavailable in their expected locations.
  • Excessive permissions on the objects in AD DS, file system / the registry / explicitly defined & assigned in Group Policy.
  • Disk failure that prevents access to or the grounds damage to following sets of files:-directory service, operating system & log, SYSVOL as well as registry / other critical system files.
  • Inability of restarting AD DS in the normal mode, for instance, after an impromptu outage / software update.
  • Antivirus utilities & other utilities, like disk optimization utilities that prevent loose access to directory service file & logs.
  • Inability of domain controller responding to ‘Lightweight Directory Access Protocol’(LDAP) requests, replication requests or logon requests.
  • Inability of booting from AD DS, for instance, after an unscheduled software update or power outage.
  • Physical site disaster, for e.g. natural disasters / virus attacks / other security attacks
  • Accidental deletions in the AD DS, the registry or the file system.




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