Database Repair for MySQL

  Database Repair for MySQL recovers damaged SQL database files often a MySQL server database (MDF) gets damage/corrupt due to reasons such unexpected power outage, sharing the database, database header problems & others. Such situations usually result in the inaccessibility of the database tables, triggers, indexes, stored procedures, views, rules, etcetera, while disrupting all the sites using the affected database. MySQL server database recovery service offered by Recovery Data Tools is completely safe having this MySQL database recovery tool.
To run sanity checks on corrupted database, you can use MySQL Query Analyzer & run DBCC CHECKDB command. On finding the damage or corruption, you can either replace database with its unaffected copy or use repair parameters with DBCC CHECKDB command for fixing the corruption. However in many of these cases, the latter option to correct database corruption might fail, thus resulting in serious troubles for an administrator. All these are some events when MySQL recovery service comes into play.
A MySQL database recovery utility can scan your tainted database & extract out all the valuable information in easily available form (usually as MDF file itself). Such products are designed by extremely talented data recovery engineers having the aim of repairing corrupt MySQL database in every case of database corruption. MySQL recovery service by Recovery Data Tools is user-friendly & safe for use.
Some of the basic reasons of MySQL Server database corruption are:
  • Invalid database header
  • Inappropriate system shutdown
  • File system errors
  • Human errors
  • Virus attacks
  • Dirty Metadata
  • Hardware troubleshoot
Errors of MySQL database corruption are:
  • The system can’t self repair this error.
  • Server cannot find requested database table
  • Table Corrupt---Object ID 0, page ID (1:623), index ID 0
  • Database in "alleged" mode / internal error
  • Index 'INDEX_NAME' on the table 'OBJECT_NAME' is marked offline. Re-build the index bringing it online.
  • Memory / buffer error, space provided for reading column is very small
  • The conflict occurred in the database ‘db_name’, table 'table_name', and column 'column_name'. This statement has been terminated.
  • Table error: Page P_ID having object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID in the header is billed by another object
  • Unable to processing index I_NAME of the table O_NAME as filegroup F_NAME is invalid
Recovery Data Tools provides the service for data loss recovery from all kinds errors or mishap.




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