Drive Toolbox

  Recovery Data Tools presents you Drive Toolbox which is designed to aid owners of and get the most out of their machine. This software will display the latest drive information for breaking down the entire major facts about the item. It includes model number, storage capacity & currently installed version of firmware (firmware is a software which helps the drive function). The drive’s health can be evaluated & this information is shown as well. Along with this, there is a rough estimation of life remaining for drive based on its past usage and age.
The performance of Drive can be improved making use of the Trim function whether a device is being used as separate one or is in RAID 0 configuration ( as Trim on RAID 0 isn’t possible while using Windows 8 / Windows Server 2012).
Notifications about new Drive Toolbox software versions can easily be displayed for Windows 7 & 8 systems. Firmware can be upgraded for the Drive when a latest version has been released.
Diagnostic scans can be executed to verify read & write capabilities of the drive and the check can be a full scan or quick one. A tuning technique can be used for optimizing the power efficiency & balance-out the durability of your drive. For the further technical view, find the hardware configuration and key system information setting details such as controller name, chipset and central processing unit along with driver versions.
With the users who’re selling their computer & need to wipe the drive, there’s a function called ‘Secure Erase’ to use on secondary Drive to delete data carefully from HDD.
Installation of Drive Toolbox is quite easy on your system. The process went as planned with no issues. No malevolent content was comprised with the setup package. This Drive Toolbox requires Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 or the latest Windows 10.
The Interface of Drive Toolbox is extremely handy. The users are given the choice of picking a drive. You have five different choices to pick and start your action. These are:
  • View Drive Information
  • HDD Management Tools
  • Run Quick Diagnostic Scan
  • Run Complete Diagnostic Scan
  • Check SMART Attributes
Within the Drive Toolbox includes The HDD Optimizer & System Configuration Tuner. Both of them are probable to come in handy.




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