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  It's a gospel truth that as time passes by, everything under the sun stumble across an essential process of change. I know lion's share of populace would agree with the concrete fact that preserving, recovering, exporting &migrating the valuable Data is a herculean task, but with Novell GroupWise to exchange or GroupWise to exchange migration to outlook or GroupWise to PST format is now uncomplicated. This course of action includes migration of all significant particulars, like email messages, attachments & address book.
GroupWise to Exchange Migration software is a booster for individuals as well as big organizations, having business of any size. By opting this software, GroupWise to exchange migration, Novell GroupWise to Outlook or GroupWise to PST is now rapid, reliable, real-time, and cost-effective. You also, do not have to be anxious about its compatibility as; it supports GroupWise to Exchange 2007 and 2010 Migration.
The Major Features Of GroupWise to Exchange Migration
The GroupWise to Exchange is a user-friendly email migration tool, which would very efficiently migrate Novell GroupWise to Exchange Server, MS Outlook, or PST with the help of below key features.
Glibly converts GroupWise to Exchange Server:
This application will allow you to take benefit of Exchange Server's utile components by transmigrating Novell GroupWise to outlook in a professional and opportune way. Also the user interface is without difficulty comprehensible, dispensing with the necessity of any categorical practice.
Eclectic Migration:
The GroupWise to Exchange Migration will also proffer you by aiding innumerous conversions, which mean that you can choose one or more mailboxes to migrate. In addition, this application will also allow you in picking exact mailboxes as well as specific folders that have to be migrated to MS Exchange Server. The particulars that needs to be transferred counts contacts, mails, attachments, sent items, tasks, calendars, etc.
Preliminary View of Email Items:
Once the GroupWise server is connected, the application will display the Preliminary outlook of transferred items that are shown in a tree like configuration. You can see the details of a folder and information of an item by choosing the preferred folder prior to actual GroupWise Exchange migration.
Mailbox Integrity is Securely Stored
A good thing about the software is it does not make any changes in GroupWise mailboxes. It will only export the mailboxes to the Exchange Server without manipulating the integrity of mailboxes. All the email messages, attachment details, sender details, etc stay safe & sounds.
Extensive Compatibility
This software has all-inclusive compatibility with Novell GroupWise, Exchange Server, and MS Outlook such as Exchange Server Versions – MS Exchange Server 2007 and 2010, Novell GroupWise Versions – GW-2012, 6.0, 6.5, 8.0, and 7.0. Last but not the least it's also supports MS Outlook Versions – 2003, 2007, 2010 (32 bit).
Swift Migration
The application executes migration robustly & effortlessly. What is more, the mode of operation is carried out in a reliable environment; it just needs to be connected with the GroupWise server to instigate the progression.
You can evaluate the free version tool as demo and if it helps you then opt for it and bolster your business operation.




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