Linux Data Recovery:

  Machines running on Linux are known to be less susceptible to data loss but 100% protection against data loss cannot be guaranteed as well. There can be times when the data stored on the hard disk becomes inaccessible or you may delete some files, whichyou now want to recover. Stellar Linux data recovery software helps you to recover lost data or deleted files from Linux based machines. With the help of this software, you can recover data from different file systems like Ext4, Ext3, Ext2, FAT32, FAT16, and FAT12. Not only this but also the software is capable to perform ReiserFS and JFS partitions recovery.
When it comes to recover deleted data from Linux based machines that use different types of file systems and hard disks, the Linux Data recovery software can recover data from hard drives that include but not limited to SCSI, IDE, SATA, and EIDE.
9Let us have a look at some features of the software:
  • Simple and DIY graphical user interface: Designed with the art of simplicity, the software makes recovering the lost data much simpler than ever. Browse the storage device, folder, or partition on the hard disk, scan the selected area, and get the data back.
  • Quick Recovery: Software has different recovery modes using which you can perform recovery of data. One such mode is Quick Recovery. With the help of this mode, data can be recovered from a volume or previously stored image. You cannot use this mode to recover data from the image of hard disk.
  • Advance Recovery:  With this mode, you can also recover data from image of hard disk. This mode performs extensive scanning of the selected volume and image and therefore, it is bit slower than the Quick recovery mode.
  • Recover lost/deleted files: Linux data recovery software is a complete tool that helps you to not only recover the inaccessible data but also the deleted data. If you have deleted some files, which you now want to recover, use this software to recover deleted data from Linux based machines.
  • Selective scan: You can also configure the software to scan for a particular file type. This feature is useful when you are in need to recover all the lost data but data related to a specific file type.
  • Filter scan result: The software has an option named Mask. With the help of this software, you can filter the scan result based on file types. This feature helps you to narrow down the list of the data recovered.
  • Save image of scan and resume recovery: In case, you are in need to recover data from a large volume then this feature will be helpful. With the help of this feature, you can create an image of the scanning information if you need to leave your machine in between due to some work. And, when you are back, you can resume the recovery process by loading the saved scan image.
  • Compress recovered files:  The Linux data recovery software also helps you to compress the recovered files in a zip folder so save space on hard disk. This feature is helpful when you know that you lack space for now but will add more space later on.
These are some of the best features of the Linux data recovery software. Apart from this, the software comes with some bonus utilities, which are as below:
  • Backup with Disk Imaging: If you want to create backup of your hard disk or a selected volume then this Linux data recovery software lets you do the same. Once the image is created, you can restore it anytime as well.
  • Clone and Backup: Apart from Disk imaging, the software allows you to create clone of your hard disk drive. This means you are creating a backup of your hard disk, which can be helpful in case you come across a data loss situation.
  • Smart watch on hard disk drive: One of the main reasons of data loss is hard drive failure. This utility keeps a watch on the hard disk drive and generates warning message in case there is any issue noticed. Based on that message, you can take required action to protect the hard disk drive against failure.
Linux Data Recovery Software is also available for evaluation. You can download the trial version to check its capabilities. And, if you feel satisfied then you can buy it as well.




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