Outlook Tookit

  Outlook Toolkit presented by Recovery Data Tools is a very powerful Microsoft Office add-in helpful to extend mail merging capabilities in MS Outlook, Microsoft Word & Microsoft Publisher. It lets you to perform the following things-
  • 1-Insert the data fields into message subject, in order that not just the contents of message but its subject is custom-made as well.
  • 2-Attach many files to the messages.
  • 3-To send RTF or HTML messages from MS Word & MS Outlook therefore the privacy system does not interfere & Internet links stay working.
  • 4-Send the messages to many recipients in HTML, GIF and RTF formats directly from the Microsoft Publisher.
  • 5-While sending GIF messages from the MS Publisher, the HTML-links can be allocated to image areas. By making use of messages in GIF, users can be sure that their recipient will be capable to read them with every email client.
The Outlook Toolkit dialogues are in several respects very much as the standard MS Office box ‘Merge to Electronic Mail’. In that inbox, like in standard one, user can choose the required data field containing recipient’s addresses, set the subject of message (of note, in Outlook Toolkit you can make use of automatic data field inclusion like in document text), choose files being attached to every message if necessary and set the format as well.
The document merging with MS Office add-in is almost the similar as standard merging, however it offers you more opportunities & is better & more reliable in the operation. It does not cause fake responses by security system, to send interruptions are permitted & the number of previously sent messages & messages being sent is shown in Outlook Toolkit information window.
With Recovery Data Tools’ Outlook Toolkit, you can surely use the power of MS Office for the professional mass mailing. The necessary technical requirements & compatibility of Outlook Toolkit are-
  • Microsoft Office 2007, 2003, 2013, 2010, 2002/XP;
  • MS Office 365 having desktop Outlook, Word / Publisher versions
  • MS Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP
Supported languages of Recovery Data Tools’ Outlook Toolkit are English, German and Russian. It will very soon come in several other language supports as well.




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