Stellar Smart is a utility tool which acts as “Early Warning System’ for the pending HDD problems. This system is totally based on S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology). The HDD's integrated controller perfectly works with a variety of sensors to monitor several aspects of the disk’s / drive's performance & determines from the information if the HD is behaving normal or not. Data structures file system of the drive have underwent serious overwriting or corruption & data recovery tool can’t scan such drives.
Drive monitoring tool gives the present values of several HDD parameters like Temperature, Spin-Up Time, and Head Flying Height etcetera & compares such values to threshold value above/below that the HDD is probable to fail. The instant any one of the present values equals / exceeds threshold value, Stellar Smart displays a caution of impending problems.
The basic principle behind Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology is that several problems with HDD do not occur unexpectedly. They result from slow degradation of variety of electronic or mechanical components. The HDD parameters normally exhibit a detectable, gradual decline in performance & it’s when a parameter value advances its protection limit which the Stellar Smart issues a warning.
The features of Stellar Smart are given here:
  • It can test any type of IDE / SATA disk and very easy in usage, having no loss in the system performance.
  • It offers standard HDD information like Number of cylinders, Serial/Model Number etc.
  • Stellar Smart provides the graphical comparison of the temperature fluctuations related to warning or shutdown levels and also displays the real time 'Benchmark' graph to show the HDD data transfer rate & CPU usage.
  • It runs continuously in the background, thus offering real-time information regarding the condition of your HDD.
  • It offers the info on many HDD attributes & also displays fitness level.
  • It is capable to scan & display the bad sectors on your hard disks.
  • It maintains the log reports of HD scans, status & so on.
  • Stellar Smart has a scheduler to configure the software parameters like temperature update, temperature warning & log scheduling.
  • It can clone HDD which is, it is capable of pasting the contents of potentially incurable HD onto a healthy disk).
Supported languages of Recovery Data Tools’ Outlook Toolkit are English, German and Russian. It will very soon come in several other language supports as well.




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