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  Do you know that a consistent solution for restoring corrupt or damaged Microsoft SQL server database is now easily available with abundance of benefits? SQL Recovery repairs all corrupt and damaged SQL server database and restores hard to find items in MDF and NDF database files. The tool carries out the highest level of non-destructive recovery to maintain database reliability.
This MSD Repair tool has other surplus advantages that it can repair damaged MDF and NDF file of SQL Server database, restores tables, indexes, keys, constraints, rules, defaults, and triggers, facility to self-reconnect in case of any distraction during recovery process. Moreover, SQL database recovery tool also recovers SQL server PAGE-compressed and ROW-compressed data and is compatible with Microsoft SQL server 2008, 2012, 2014 and a few lower versions.
Key Features of SQL Database Recovery Software:
This tool makes it feasible to repair your precious information from SQL Server databases hit by small or rigorous damage. Mentioned below list explains about the efficient features of the software.
Restores Objects of MDF and NDF Files
This application is appropriate for recovering damage that counts both MDF and NDF files of SQL database. MDF (.MDF) is the prime file consisting database header and system table information, while NDF (.NDF) file is secondary database file. When damage happens because of rational division, file contraction, and bugs, it makes both the files fatality and gets the database in a hard to find state. The SQL recovery tool carries out SQL repair for all objects of .MDF and .NDF files.
Permits chosen Restoration
This software allows you to carry on chosen restoration of database items. The capability enables you to choose particular items that have to be restored from the list and save them at any place on the computer.
Recovers PAGE - compressed and ROW-compressed Data
SQL tables with PAGE and ROW compression are also in range of SQL database repairs by the tools. In addition, the software also fosters SCSU (Standard Compression Scheme for Unicode) for SQL Server 2008 R2 and repairs all the data in its original set-up.
Enables Saving the Restored Data
On close of SQL repair procedure, you are given with an alternative to store recovered database at a preferred location on the system. Furthermore, the questions of relentlessly damaged items that cannot be retained by the application can be stored in a separate text file.
Enhanced GUI
The remarkable ribbon in the upper portion of the tool makes it simpler to search a variety of alternatives and utilize them. The set of choices can also be personalized and individual alternatives can be added or removed to make the repair progression even faster and competent.
When Disrupted, Automatically Reconnects
The application has the capability to reconnect to the Microsoft SQL server mechanically, when there is a distraction during the recover procedure. This makes sure that the recovery process functions effortlessly.
Covers Various SQL Database Corruption Errors
The SQL recovery software is proficient of fixing a number of corruption errors, such as alleged database, gathered Index Leaf Level Corruption, uniformity Corruption, and potential schema corruption etc.
Enables Finding the Objects
Now you do not need to find for objects yourself from the list put on view after scanning, as the tools offers a "Find Items "alternative that promotes finding for anticipated objects on the basis of particular criterion, such as ''Match case'' or "Match whole word.''
Try the demo version and buy if it caters your SQL recovery need. Trial version shows you the preview to help you ensure that database items are in perfect state./td>




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