Video Repair

  Recovery Data Tools is a reliable name in data recovery. They offer the best data recovery services to their clients. Video tape repair is their specialty. They have served 1000s of satisfied customers from all round the world & will apply their experience & expertise to the video repair along with recovery & restoration of your footage. To the best of their knowledge they’re the only name that focuses on the video tape repairs whilst other primarily offer DVD transfers & might do an infrequent repair job. Their specialty is repairing the broken video tapes & they do it all day, every day.
Their repair utility can repair & fix the broken / damaged video files (that include MOV, MP4, 3GP and M4V) that don’t play in your media player.
What exactly means Repair? Repair means that just video & audio portions can be repaired which aren’t lost: On some of the corrupt files, it may not repair everything at all, on some files it can repair some of the video portions, & on some other files it can repair both video & audio portions (It completely depends on grade of corruption).
Some of the main features of Video Repair services of Recovery Data Tools are:
  • Repairs video files which are truncated, broken, damaged or corrupt.
  • Repairs video files which do not play in the Windows Media player or QuickTime.
  • Repairs movies which were not finalized by your camera
  • The repair doesn’t depend on valid or correct container format –raw video & audio stream data is completely automatically reconstructed.
  • Supports the non-broken reference movies to find missing movie parameters and meta-data
Currently, their video repair services can automatically repair the damaged .mov, .mp4, m4v, and .3gp movie files (usually, all the movie files based on ‘QuickTime’ container format) which use one of these codec formats:
  • avc1 (H264/AVC which is used by the most digital cameras, High Definition video cameras, iPhone, etc)
  • mp4v (H264/ISO which is used by few cameras)
  • dvc / dvpp / dvhp (DVCPRO / DVCPRO HD which is used by the Panasonic cameras)
  • apch / apcn / apcs / apco / ap4h (ProRes 4444/422/LT/HQ/Proxy which is used by Final Cut)
  • MPG2 / xdvc / xd5d / xd5e (MPEG-2 / XDCAM which is used by Sony cameras)
  • jpg (Motion JPEG which is used by Panasonic cameras)
  • icod (Apple Intermediate Codec which is used by Final Cut)




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